Vacuum Technology

vacuum lifter kombi 7211-DS4-2012

for the construction site

vacuum lifter kombi 7211-DS4-2012

for the construction site

  • vertical
  • horizontal
  • manually
  • battery powered
  • manually
  • 2-circle
  • smooth
  • gas impermeable
  • flat
  • 600


Which properties are really important for you with a vacuum lifter?

  • Are you also familiar with this?
    You wish to use the device, and the battery is flat?
  • The structural depth should be small to enable you to guide it between scaffolding and structural component.
  • Do you need a device that can be used to move square, right-angled panes of glass, and occasionally narrow strips too?
  • Do you wish to be able to move large panels or long strips on the device safely and from a distance? The movements should be controllable.
  • Are you looking for a genuine workhorse for the next few years that will provide you with dependable service at all times?
  • Is all you need a maximum lifting weight of 600 kg?

Here, you will find whatever you may be looking for! Our vacuum lifter Kombi 7211-DS4-2012 offers you precisely that.

Now take a look at the data sheet or request a quotation right away.

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(max. 600 kg)

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