Vacuum Technology

vacuum lifter 7005-AB/E

The vacuum lifters for the glass store

vacuum lifter 7005-AB/E

The vacuum lifters for the glass store

  • vertical
  • no tilting possible
  • air pressure powered
  • no turning possible
  • 1-circle
  • smooth
  • gas impermeable
  • flat
  • 1300


  • Do you also wish to lay down glass sheets with a vacuum lifter on the cutting table?
  • Do you want to move different glass formats?
  • Do you want to be able to lay down a glass pane on a horizontal cutting table?
  • Do you consider it important to have a safety guard, in case the glass breaks?
  • Or do you want to use the device to remove just sealed insulating glass units from the insulation glass line?

We can supply this kind of vacuum lifter, the vacuum lifter 7005-AB/E, with a max. load rating of 1200 kg. Within certain limits, we can take account of special wishes on this 7005-AB/E during the early stages of the production process. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

If desired, there are also support feet for just sealed insulation glass units.

Now take a look at the data sheet or request a quotation right away.

See an example of how the 7005-AB/E vacuum lifter is used.
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(max. 1,300 kg)

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