Super Heavy Duty Roller 496-SHDR

The mobile frame for large, heavy items

Super Heavy Duty Roller 496-SHDR

The mobile frame for large, heavy items


  • Are you also looking for a way to move large, heavy items?
  • Or you may perhaps need to move some steel plates around? This was the problem that we faced ourselves, and we looked for a solution. Which is how the Super Heavy Duty Roller came to be developed.
  • Are you looking for a way to apply suction to a glass pane from the back? With the Super Heavy Duty Roller, this is not a problem.

The Super Heavy Duty Roller consists of two chassis units, each with 4 steering rollers and a connecting tube. This Super Heavy Duty Roller is designed for transporting loads weighing a maximum of 3000 kg.

The connecting tube defines the spacing between the two chassis units.

Elements up to 235 mm deep can be held by means of stoppers. The mobile bearing block has an inclination of 10° that assures sufficient stability on a horizontal surface. In addition, the materials being transported can be secured with retaining suction cups and lashing straps, for which appropriate slinging points are provided on the mount.

It is not just straight elements that can be moved in this way. We have also moved curved elements with a radius of 3.5 m.

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